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Jefferson City Pics

Here are a few of the pictures of the Jefferson City trips . . . . .

Homeschooling families standing up for our rights!

Homeschooling families standing up for our rights!

Another shot of the crowd!

Another shot of the crowd!

Crows disassembling

Crowds disassembling

Looking down from the "Whispering Chamber"

Looking down from the "Whispering Chamber"

On the very top!

On the very top!

Going back down.  All 13 flights of stairs!  Elevator anyone?

Going back down. All 13 flights of stairs! Elevator anyone?


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I cannot believe it has been 70 days since I’ve posted.  So much as happened!  We’ve been extremely busy these past few months!  Here are just a few things that have happened. . . . .

My son finally got his braces off and is now keeping up with retainers and brushing his “slick” teeth about 35 times a day.  He has celebrated his 15th birthday, and we are studying to take his test for a driving permit.  (Add the fact that he is in high school–still homeschooling–and working hard at Algebra II, Logic, Grammar, Apologia Science, as well as other things. )  He is still playing piano for the church and his piano teacher is challenging him in other areas as well. 

My older daughter has celebrated her 13th birthday and is becoming such a help to her father and I.  She is really becoming a godly woman.  She also has now taken her brother’s place in the braces department.  (She had her spacers placed the day her brother got his braces off!)  Her studies are becoming a little more challenging (7th grade) and require more time and effort, but she seems to be excelling as I knew she could!

My younger daughter also celebrated her birthday (nothing like having all three of them within 31 days!), she is now 10 years old.  Wow, the time does fly!  She is in the 5th grade and loving geography this year!  Aside from two loose teeth right now, she’s been amazingly healthy and injury free!

Don’t forget my husband!  Add the three months he  had to travel to St. Louis 4 times per week and the 60+ hour work weeks, another case of shingles, preaching, teaching, and hospital visits. 

You’d think with all of this going on, I’d have something to blog about,

Typography: Question Mark but, I guess I’ve been too busy too!  Hopefully I’ll be able to slow down, take a deep breath, and post occasionally!

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A Month of Chaos

This month has been so busy, I’ve felt like I could hardly slow down to read blogs, let alone write anything on mine!  Here is how the month started out.  We started our school year wonderfully.  All of us are really excited about the new subjects we’ve incorporated into our studies.  I was also really excited about my new software for planning and tracking our school.  That is until our computer was taken over by aliens       began to surf the Internet alone     rebelled against it’s user died.  After a couple hundred dollars and a stressful few days trying to do school without the use of the software to track everything, we are going full force again! 

Next, a horrible human being   a person without a bit of compassion someone dumped a dog at my husband’s work.  And of course he fell madly in love with this animal.  He wanted to bring it home the first day, and called me hourly to tell me about her, but he didn’t in case the owner had a change of heart.  My husband was off work the next two days, but spoke of and thought of the dog which he had began calling “Sugar” often.  When he returned to work after his weekend, lo and behold Sugar was still there.  Needless to say, here is our new dog.

  She is the sweetest thing!  We are all in love with her now, BUT she is still a puppy.  The vet estimated her age at 7 months old.  What do puppies do?  They do this  !  But she is housebreaking wonderfully and she doesn’t stay in trouble very long.  We’ve only had to get this out once!      I mean with a face like this, how could you stay angry?    Here is what she does all day while we are doing our studies . . .


Now if you throw in a case of the stomach flu, a fishing trip, a shopping trip, overnight babysitting, church, yard work, gardening, and life, you can almost imagine our month.

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Updating my Blog


Stack of Worn Hardcover Books with Yellowed Pages Photographic PrintHo hum, I’ve been reprimanded, and told to update my blog.  So without further ado, here goes. . . . . . .

Ok, now what?  I’ve been getting ready for school what seems like continually for the past 2-3 weeks, so all my mind can think about is Math, Science, Grammar. . . nothing much there to blog about.  I mean you don’t want to know when and how we are going to diagram sentences, do you?  How about the algebraic method to cleaning the house?  Or maybe the scientific formula for obedience?  The history of the dust bunny?  Nope, nothing to read about there.

Something to blog about, something to make you stop and think, something that makes you want to come back to visit this site,                                      (blank).  Nothing there, I can’t think of a single thing to enlighten you.  Nothing to make you rush back to see what I’ve posted next. 

Oh well, at least I’ve accomplished one thing, I’ve updated my blog!

Graphic from Art.com

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You’ve gotta see this!

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Spring Fever!

We are having a tough time around here with SPRING FEVER!  We are all wishing we were here!

 Beach, Barra Da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro Brazil Photographic Print by Silvestre Machado

(or I guess this would be more like it!  Here I am with a buddy!)

Judy and Marge Art Print by Lowell Herrero

I LOVE this picture!  It hangs in the bathroom of the house we stay in when we go to Florida!   Oh such memories!

 Graphics from AllPosters.com

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Is anyone else struggling with home-schooling this winter?  I’m already having spring fever and spring isn’t coming any time soon!  Well, trying to combat these schooling blahs, I started going through some notes taken at a home-schooling conference several years ago.  I found some notes that I took during a Todd Wilson seminar.  It is about lies home-schooling moms believe.  Here is what I found. . .

When you believe the following lies, it can zap all the joy out of home schooling!

  • You believe that everyone’s kids are smarter than your kids are.  (They have time lines, they study Latin, they study Greek, etc. etc. etc.)
  • You believe that everyone’s house is cleaner than your house. (The test to see if you’re a victim of this lie, ask yourself (or better yet your family) this question. . . are you mean to everyone beginning two days before company comes to your home)
  • You believe that everyone’s meals are better than yours.
  • You believe that everyone else is more spiritual or closer to the Proverbs 31 woman.
  • You believe that everone’s marriage is better than your marriage.
  • You believe that you are the only one falling apart and failing your children.
  • You believe you are the ONLY ONE feeling this way.

Once you believe the lies long enough they become the truth!

Next post I’ll post some ways you can combat these lies!

Graphics from art.com

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