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There are so many changes happening on/at/under/around (you pick the preposition) The Back Deck!  As you can see the appearance has changed!  I’ve updated my look.  I’m not sure I like it, but we’re trying it out to see if the new paint job fits!  I’m not sure how, but my blogroll has been deleted as well as my favorite sites.  I’m in the process of updating them, but I do not have a “list”, so if I accidentally omit yours, please comment and I will try to include it! 

Here inside the house, I’m already planning for our next year’s schooling.  It is a long, but rewarding process!  We are still finishing up our studies from last year, I think we can actually classify us as having school year round.  Although we really cut back on the subjects through the summer months. 

As far as the inhabitants in the house, here’s an update. . . . .

Greg’s full time job continues to be stressful.  They have laid off approximately 50 workers with more being added almost weekly.  A lot of good friends have been laid off and we are continuing to pray for them and asking that God provide for them not only financially, but spiritually. 

Gregory is now as tall as his dad if not taller.  He is growing into a fine young man in which I am very proud of.  He is still playing the piano for our church and loving every minute of it.  (Be in prayer for him, his teacher/mentor/friend is planning on moving out of the state next year and Gregory is very concerned about this!)  He has taken on a new hobby too, running.  He and his dad have been running about 2 miles every couple of days. 

Sydney is taller than I am now and becoming quite the young lady.  Her compassion and tenderness is evident in all that she does.  Her latest project has been an abandoned 1 1/2 week old kitten.  She had to bottle feed it several times a day and do all the things a mama cat does for her babies.  The kitten “Mo”  (short for my favorite Cardinal baseball player Molina) is doing well and is now able to eat from a dish. 

Jordan is rapidly catching me in height too.  (Looks like I’ll be the shortest one in the house.)  She is becoming a red-headed beauty just like her grandmother was.  There is never a dull moment with Jordan around.  She is an energetic, funny, helpful child in which I wish I had half her energy! 

I guess that leaves me. . . . My life is so wrapped up in my family I’m finding it hard to single anything out.  I’ve spent quite a bit of time lately at the hospital with my aunt.  She is fighting pancreatic cancer and recovering from surgery.  The 19th of June was our annual Relay for Life in which I took part in honoring her as well as the rest of my family who have fought or is fighting cancer. 

Our family has made a couple of trips to Jefferson City in the past few months.  Here is why we went the first time.  The second time was a little more leisurely.  We were able to tour each part of the capital.  Pictures to follow.  Stay tuned!


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