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My Son, the Writer

Prolific English Novelist Charles Dickens Seated Writing with a Quill Pen Premium Photographic PrintMy Son is quite the young man!  He never fails to make me laugh.  Do you remember his Algebra plea?  Well, here is his latest!  Today as I was looking over his English paragraphs, this caught my eye. . . . . .

When the Cat’s Away the Mice will Play

Occasionally, Mom will need to run an errand during studies, leaving us kids at home.  My sisters and I promise to do our work, and Mom leaves with serious doubts.  As soon as the garage door closes, my sisters run off to play while I resolutely pick up my pencil and start to do my studies.  I finish quickly and plead with the girls to get to work, and yet, all my efforts are in vain.  They refuse, so I shrug my shoulders and start washing the dishes.  A half hour later, as I’m vacuuming the house and the girls play jigsaw puzzles, the garage door starts to go up.  The girls rush to pull out their school.  Mom’s doubts slowly fade from memory as she sees her beloved children working.

My girls would like me to add a disclaimer stating this story is completely false, just a figment of my son’s wild imagination!  Children, aren’t they a blessing?



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Don’t you just love children’s excitement?  It amazes me how the atmosphere around an excited child changes!  You can feel the excitement of a child penetrate your whole being.  Recently we’ve had several things happen which have made my children literally shiver with excitement.  They were so excited they couldn’t stand (or sit) still.  For instance, I really got a kick out of my son the other day.  He was sitting down and a thought crossed his mind.  I could see the excitement flow through his body.  It started in his smile (yellow banded braces and all!).  Then his eyes lit up!  Next he began to wiggle in his seat. . .  and finally his hands could no longer remain in his lap.  They flew up clinched in fists trembling!  Of course, I began to get tickled, because usually my son is fairly well reserved.  He is just a happy-go-lucky boy and nothing moves him too much in either direction.  This was definitely not the case in this instance!  This type of reaction has been repeated numerous times over that last few weeks with all of my children!

The more I thought about this natural reaction that my children were having, I realized all too often we, as adults, loose that sense of excitement.  This is almost depressing to me.  Sometimes I long for the giddiness I had as a girl.  Do you remember the anticipation waiting for something wonderful to happen?  Or even better, when something unexpected happens that you cannot help overflowing with joy?  Why does this have to end?  . . . . . . . . . . . . . Or does it?

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A Month of Chaos

This month has been so busy, I’ve felt like I could hardly slow down to read blogs, let alone write anything on mine!  Here is how the month started out.  We started our school year wonderfully.  All of us are really excited about the new subjects we’ve incorporated into our studies.  I was also really excited about my new software for planning and tracking our school.  That is until our computer was taken over by aliens       began to surf the Internet alone     rebelled against it’s user died.  After a couple hundred dollars and a stressful few days trying to do school without the use of the software to track everything, we are going full force again! 

Next, a horrible human being   a person without a bit of compassion someone dumped a dog at my husband’s work.  And of course he fell madly in love with this animal.  He wanted to bring it home the first day, and called me hourly to tell me about her, but he didn’t in case the owner had a change of heart.  My husband was off work the next two days, but spoke of and thought of the dog which he had began calling “Sugar” often.  When he returned to work after his weekend, lo and behold Sugar was still there.  Needless to say, here is our new dog.

  She is the sweetest thing!  We are all in love with her now, BUT she is still a puppy.  The vet estimated her age at 7 months old.  What do puppies do?  They do this  !  But she is housebreaking wonderfully and she doesn’t stay in trouble very long.  We’ve only had to get this out once!      I mean with a face like this, how could you stay angry?    Here is what she does all day while we are doing our studies . . .


Now if you throw in a case of the stomach flu, a fishing trip, a shopping trip, overnight babysitting, church, yard work, gardening, and life, you can almost imagine our month.

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