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Prayer Requests

I have a few prayer requests I’d like to share with you. 

  1. Isaiah Medley, a 21 month old, who has a “diffuse intrinsic brain stem glioma”, a tumor on his brain stem.   Isaiah has no feeling in the right side of his face, his right eye has no peripheral vision and his left left leg has lost some reflexes. That’s not to say these are permanent losses they may be caused from the tumor on the nerves once the tumor is gone, they may come back.  There is apparently only 11 children under the age of 3 that have this tumor, out of those,  5 of them are still alive and doing well.   (This is my sister-in-law’s nephew.)
  2. My husband.  He’s having a REALLY bad week.  First of all he’s been dealing with is acid reflux/trouble swallowing really bad.  He can no longer sit through a meal without having to leave the table.  Usually he cannot finish his meal.  Next week he is going to have a scope to try and find the problem and solve it.  And second, apparently this has been taking a real toll on his body because last night we ended up in urgent care. . . his shingles are back.  He’s in a lot of pain and in just a general uncomfortable state!

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You’ve gotta see this!

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Independence Day

Have a wonderful Independence Day!

Graphics from Art.com

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