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I’m finished!

Yesterday was my LAST day delivering newspapers!  Yippee!!  I’m so ready for a complete night’s sleep.  Today, like clock work, I woke up at 2 a.m. waiting for that dreaded phone call.  Guess what, it didn’t come!  It will probably be a few days before my internal clock remains on snooze!

After throwing my final paper yesterday, the following phrase kept running through my head . . .”It is finished.”  I know that my 4 1/2 month stint with throwing the newspaper and Christ’s crucifixion can in no way be compared, but nevertheless, the comparison kept running through my head. 

Yesterday we were celebrating the Lord’s Supper at church, so all week we were to be reflecting on exactly what Christ was going to be going through following the Passover and what the elements represent to us today.  “It is finished” sums up Christ’s earthly life so completely.  His work on earth was to do the Father’s will.  The Father’s will for Christ was to die a horrific death on a tree for sinners such as I.  The job the Father had given the Son was complete as He uttered His final words, and the job was done perfectly, no mistakes.

My job was to deliver each customer a dry newspaper every day.  Each morning as I would pick up my newspapers, I would receive a printout.  On this printout would be any missed papers, any complaints, or any positive feedback.  I would be devastated each day there would be something I had done wrong.  There were many days the pages were blank, these days produced satisfaction, I felt I had done well.  But I did not do a perfect job.  All of my human effort was not good enough to earn the praise of all my customers nor could it save one person from destruction.

What did Christ do a few days following his perfect job?  He ascended to the Father.  What will I do?  I’ll sleep peacefully, knowing Christ’s work on the cross was sufficient for me to.


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