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Happy Anniversary

Happy 18th anniversary! (So I posted this a day late, I was busy yesterday!)

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Blogging Hiatus

There are several reasons I could list for my blogging hiatus . . .  home studies, home school conference, spring cleaning, lack of blogging material, the insurmountable mountains of laundry, yard work, basic laziness, etc. etc. etc.  I could go on for pages, but I believe the biggest reason would be my new job!  I know, gasp, a home schooling mom is working???  How can this be?  Well, my family and I are gazelle intense (thanks Dave Ramsey), due to our goals for Financial Shape in 2008, so I have taken a paper route.  This has been the boost our finances need to work on the “baby steps” Dave Ramsey suggests! 

Having said this, there are so many things I could blog about due to my paper route!  You wouldn’t believe the funny things that happen!  Let’s just say, God’s created animals never leave me with a boring route!  I’ve been startled by a bird in a newspaper delivery tube, almost run over by a fleeing deer, the savior of a cat running from a pursuing fox, and the witness of several million rabbits trying their best to make me careen into a tree in order to miss them.  (Visual:  has anyone seen that commercial of the squirrel in the road?) 

God’s creation is amazing, and sometimes it takes a total change in a schedule to recognize that.  How often do we see things over and over so many times that we cease to praise God for it?  Each morning I praise the Creator for the wildlife I am priveledged to see, as well as the beautiful sunrise each day! 

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Plus, if you are a blogger, you’ll want to take note of this note from Tammy:

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The free sample page to link to is: http://truelemon.com/gratitude-sample.html

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